Fire Protection System (CO2)

The fire fighting skid supplied consists of a low-pressure double discharge carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishing system for the protection of a gas turbine installed inside an off-base enclosure.

The fire-fighting system is of the total saturation type: the CO2 discharge creates an inert atmosphere in the environment where the fire is detected and in a short period of time the flame is extinguished.

The supply consists of:

CO2 tank (assembled on skid with two chiller units, instrument panel and relevant junction boxes);

CO2 nozzles inside the GT and load coupling enclosures;

External piping – fittings

Tank weighing system Nozzles

Electrical and instrumentation system Located in gas turbine enclosure, the HEAT RISE DETECTOR (45FT-1A/B; 45FT-2A/B; 45FT-3A/B; 45FT-6A/B; 45FT-7A/B; 45FT-8A/B; 45FT-9A/B) with 1 out of 14 voting logic, gives a trip signal if a fire occurs in one of the protected turbine compartments.

For fire extinction inside the GT enclosure, two separate CO2 discharges are provided:
  • An initial or fast discharge;
  • A slow or maintenance discharge.

Both extinguisher discharges start at the same time.

The extinguishing fluid is lemon scented CO2, stored at liquid state in a low pressure tank located outside the building.

Initial or Fast Discharge
The initial discharge serves for fast fire smothering, by reducing the oxygen content inside the GT enclosure to the minimum level required for combustion (usually 15%).

The initial discharge is used also for closing the ventilation damper.

Slow or Maintenance Discharge
The slow discharge keeps a min. extinguisher concentration of 30% in the GT enclosure for such a time as to prevent relighting because of high temperatures of metallic surfaces.

The maintenance discharge sizing considers the extinguisher leakages through the enclosure openings.

Pressure Switches (45CP-1A÷D) detect pressure in the discharge lines; if the value falls below the threshold setting, the trip signal occurs.

The solenoid valves (45CR-1A/B; 45CR-2A/B; 45CR-3A/B; 45CR-4A/B) are energized from SPEEDTRONIC when it receives the signal from the heat rise detector (45FT-1A/B; 45FT-2A/B; 45FT-3A/B; 45FT-6A/B; 45FT-7A/B; 45FT-8A/B; 45FT-9A/B).

The solenoid valves (45CR-1A/B; 45CR-2A/B; 45CR-3A/B; 45CR-4A/B) open the discharge valves (VC-1÷4) and permit the CO2 discharge.


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