Gas Turbine Ventilation and Heating System

Both heating and ventilating capabilities have been incorporated into the turbine and accessory compartments (enclosures), with each utilizing thermally insulated side panels and roofs. The heaters, in this installation, provide humidity control for both areas and are mounted on the forward bulkhead. The four compartments, accessory, turbine, load and gas shaft are independently ventilated as shown in Figure VH-1.

Gravity operated dampers are used in the system to automatically provide a tight enclosure when the fire protection system is activated. The gravity closing dampers are normally held open by the pressure-operated latches which must be manually reset after damper release. When the extinguishing agent is discharged, pressure on the latch forces a piston against a spring moving a locking lever which releases the latch allowing the damper to close. In the text that follows, the location of the latches is defined, as is the component on which they are mounted.

Wall mounted air conditioners maintain the acceptable temperature for the control compartment.


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