Gas Turbime On-Line Compressor Washing

Functional description
The wash water solution is delivered to the turbine unit at the proper pressure temperature and flow rate to wash the gas turbine. For the specific values for this gas turbine unit refer to the piping schematic diagram in the Operation volume and in the Maintenance volume. The valve 20 TW-3 is automatically regulated by the SPEEDTRONIC control. During compressor washing valve 20 TW-3 is opened allowing the wash solution from the skid to flow into the compressor spray manifold and through the spray nozzles into the compressor bell-mouth to accomplish the washing.

On-line washing procedure
Turbine must be running at full speed and not in the process of shutting down. Washing is allowed at any load, but not at any ambient air temperature and humidity. The ambient temperature must be superior to 10°C.

WARNING: The water wash operation involves water under high pressure. Caution must be exercised to insure the proper valve is either in a fixed open or a fixed closed position at any time during system operation.

NOTE: Before water washing the compressor, inspect the inlet plenum and gas turbine bell-mouth for large accumulations of atmospheric contaminants which could be washed into the compressor. These deposits can be removed by washing with a garden hose.

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  1. On any online water wash system I have yet to see or find what parameters one should watch / record for low flame signal strength prior to tripping unit