Ventilation System

The turbine and load compartments are equipped with a ventilation system. Both compartments are fitted with thermally insulated side panels and roofs.

Dampers are used in the system to automatically provide sealing when the water mist fire fighting system is activated.

The turbine and load compartments are pressurized and cooled by ventilation fans (88BA-1, 2) installed in the pressurized and cooled ventilation ducting after the inlet filter compartment.

The ventilation system consists of two separate fans driven by their respective motors; one fan provides ventilating air during normal turbine operation. The other operates as a stand-by fan and starts when:

  •  Pressure inside the turbine compartment reaches the set point of the differential pressure transmitter 96SV-1 or, if
  • A turbine or load compartment temperature high alarm is on, detected by voted temperature transmitters TT-BA-2A/B/C or TT-BA-3A/B/C.
  • Enclosure gas high level alarm, detected by gas detectors 45HD-2A/B/C, 45HD-3A/B/C, 45HD- 4A/B/C, 45HD-5A/B/C. The ventilation system permissive to start is given when all the enclosure doors are closed and all dampers are open.


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