Gas Turbine Enclosures

Gas turbine enclosures, referred to as compartments, are those partitioned area in which specific components of the overall power plant are contained. These compartments are built for all weather conditions and designed for accessibility when performing maintenance. They are provided with thermal and acoustical insulation and lighted for convenience.

Compartment construction includes removable panels, hinged doors, and a thermally insulated roof section with welded frame structuring providing the support for these parts. The panels are thermally insulated and held in place with bolts. Doors are kept tightly closed by sturdy latches. Gaskets between panels and framing maintain a weather-tight condition. Inspection and maintenance are facilitated as the door panels allow easy access for station personnel and the removable panels provide greater accessibility for major inspections and servicing. There is an inlet plenum between the accessory and the turbine compartments, and an exhaust plenum between the turbine and generator compartments.

Thus, in the compact integrated gas turbine-generator packaged design for a power generating station, there is an in-line sequence of lagged compartments, the sequence being broken by the inlet plenum and the exhaust plenum. These compartments enclose the turbine control compartment, the turbine accessory compartment, the gas turbine unit, the load gear, the driven generator.


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